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random words blog

..yes. yes, we are racing.

by Laura Kasperlik |

yes.  yes, we are racing. even if it is only in my head, if we are next to each other on the treadmill, or passing each other on the trail? i know, i know - compete with yourself, they say. it's allll about...

sunday working, saving the starfish and big honking summer sale

by Laura Kasperlik |

although everyone loves to sleep in, brunch and beach it on Sundays...I still love working on the store on these sunny Sundays...i think it is because, when I was in global learning / HR at the Huge McNormous corporate manufacturing company, Sunday was the only day that i had to be creative.

wonderful women..

by Laura Kasperlik | you know any moms? all of us had or have a mom...weird, right?  it's something that every single person on earth has in common.   a woman somehow made us grow inside of her and then pushed us out, like a watermelon through the eye of a needle.  ouch.  many people of course, have more than one mom -...

mixed drinks about feelings..

by Laura Kasperlik |

..don't we all have mixed drinks AND mixed feelings?

Relish Cafe and Bar PopUp Market

by Laura Kasperlik |

i LOVE Relish Cafe and Bar! the best of everything awaits customers of this well-loved North Raleigh restaurant - great Southern fusion comfort food, a wonderful bar, and simply the BEST owners and staff....yep, they deserve CAPS, !!! and smiley emojis.   fan girl squeals... AND - they are big-time supporters of the local arts and crafts...

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