Why I work the socials and make the tiks and the toks and the reels...

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial on how to make social media marketing posts. I do feel that my title sort of makes it sound that way - but there literally hundreds of social media experts out there vying for your attention already.

I know, because the algorithms show them to me. ALL of them.  And I am sure there is a lot of good info out there to find from these experts - I have often used advice or tips from social media advisors.

It's just that - you know or can imagine how these posts look, all in a row, right? - you should: post every day, post 3x a day, don't post every day, do a reel with just music and your words, need to know how to do great photos? look here, look there, use music, use your voice, post about your dog, your kid, your kid's dog, you standing at your desk while words play do this do that dothisandthat...

Feels like we are drowning in advice and starving for authentic help. 

So - why then, DO I make reels? And posts. and stories. 

Because it's fun.

Because I have to find a way to reach my pretty clever people without always using email.

Because I don't have a storefront with windows to decorate.

Because - although I love the interaction with customer friends, it's becoming harder to do live events and I really want to lean in on my website.

Because because because...

I enjoy the challenge of creating reels - trying to use the trending music and templates is good for my brain and keeps me from settling into old habits.  Of course, it's fun right up until I get it done and..accidentally swipe away - and it's gone.  An hour's worth of work lost.  So.much.fun. 

And it can feel so salesy to post them. But in order for my business to survive - I have to sell.  I have to BE salesy. I know that the tiks and the toks and the reels get so many more views when we post personal stuff. But my products and designs ARE personal and because I sell online, I have to use all the socials that I can.

Essentially, I create reels because I have to reach my clever people, and selling doesn't have to be so serious. Sharing my designs and products is personal and social media is how I can connect with my customers.

It feels defensive when I write that, as if I am arguing with someone in my head.

It's me. Hi. I'm the one I'm arguing with here.

In the meantime - follow me on Instagram to see which part of me is winning!

 picture of pretty clever words products on a blue and green background, including vibrant colorful kitchen towels    

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