new year, new looks, new direction


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new year, new logo, new looks, new collections and more color!

It's been a busy year for Pretty Clever Words already, with big shifts in strategy and creativity and I'm hoping that you will love the changes as much as I do. 
I'm finding so much joy in the rediscovery of creative techniques....I'm trying hard to worry less about how to make something sell, and focusing more on having fun making pretty things with clever words and mixed media. 
I'm also adding original designs to my shirts and bags and hoop art, trying to make the words pop even more!
today's hairstyle shirt  
I hope that my authentic happiness will continue to come through in my new products for both my loyal customers and new peeps as well.. (and yeah..that you all DO find some things to purchase ;))
I've also made the tough decision to delete and archive and retire many products - even if some of them have been big favorites over the years.
Besides freeing up space in my head, this streamlining has made it so much faster and easier for you all to shop with me online - BIG bonus.
in addition, I've added so much more color to my (still) beloved neutrals and made revisions to the custom order section!
As always..thank you, THANK YOU for all that you do to support me, with purchases, likes, supports and follows on social media...couldn't do this without you!

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