sooo...why all the kitchen and bar towels on the socials?

Why indeed?  Why do I sell these wordy, funny, kitchen / bar / tea towels

<side note..does anyone use a towel specifically for tea? curious minds want to know.>

well - soft, cottony-yet-crisp, white towels make the perfect canvas for imprinting words.  And you know that I love words, whether funny, punny, inspirational or just sarcastic.

I used to make shirts -  a LOT of shirts. And those blank shirts were also a great background for words, and helped me grow my business.  I still have so many customer friends sporting my words on their shirts and sweatshirts around the NC area, and I am always grateful for the tremendous support!

But you know...having to figure out sizing and color and supply management started to outweigh the benefits of a shirt business for me. Plus - adding to 'fast fashion dumping' in landfills - that started to weigh on me as well.

side note #2 <This post is NOT intended to be negative towards funny t-shirts! I still do some custom work, and I buy them myself, from other shirt businesses that are very focused on eco-friendly fashion.>

It was just time for me to change my business plan a bit. So  I pivoted to other products for creating pretty things with clever words.

In that pivot, I decided to give kitchen / bar towels a try - they are great gifts, economical and easy to use as gift wrap as well... but here's the real reason that I have gone deep and wide on towels - they work. 

They work to clean up spills, to dry dishes, to mop up sarcasm.  And they are reuseable!  Made of cotton and lint-free - they are full of fun, practical and pretty.  

And look at this -I snapped this photo of a towel that was tossed on a table in my kitchen - yep, I use them AND sell them!

Super easy to throw in the washer and dryer, and they clean up well.  Sure, they get wrinkly. But the words stay put, the towels soak up all the spills and you can do a small thing to help the environment.

Thank you for coming to my tedTowel Talk! You can find all the towel fun here, and stay tuned for other product ideas and random words.

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