To Reel or not...reelly.

I love Instagram, and have from the beginning - so visual and seemingly easy to use. So much fun!

pretty clever words instagram

I can post pictures of my loves, my work, my friends and family

I can find new friends, fabulous makers, and do some shopping...while selling from my store as well.

I can post wonderful photos of my new spring / summer 2022 collection...

I can post sunsets in my stories and support local events as well...

And I can do ALL of that, in a few minutes, right?  Find a photo, a laugh, a meme - put on some filters, add some stickers and a link, and yakity schmakity, it's done.  


I also love getting comments from my peeps - my wonderful customers, my crazy friends and my loooong-suffering family..

 pretty clever words customer thank you

And let's face it - it's GREAT for the business to have followers, and people who will repost my words and pictures and posts so that I get some NEW customers and keep this business afloat.

 clever + clean pretty clever words soap

sighhhh.... I can also make reels.  

REELS are IMPORtant! you HAVE to MAKE REELS! they say.  REELS drive sales and inCreASe YOur BUSIness!!  they say.  the not-so-faceless and nameless they...the milennigenXerZeez.  The influencers, and promoters and mentors.

The unceasingly, increasingly clever, smart and quick cool kids.

I reeellly wish I could be like them (see what I did there..), I really do.

But for me to make a reel like this or this - it can take me half a day or more.

And I have to ask myself - is it reeeellly important?  To Reel or Not To Reel is the question... 

 of course, as I say 30 likes a lot? not really...but if all of you reading this walked through my door to watch what i do every day, it would be overwhelming!

and a little creepy. 

Just wave this 20% discount code at me before I call for backup and we're all good, though!  

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