Hey - New Year, New Elements, New Colors

Hey everyone - happy New Year - which yes, I can still say.  It's only 14 days into 2022, so I can still hope for a much better year than seriously...the last five. Because 2016..right?

If you know, you know...

So I had a whole blog post done for today - once upon a time.  But it wouldn't save, so I'm guessing the universe did not approve.

It was a little whiny and defensive..all about how I am changing but change is hard, and the pandemic is hard, and the last 2+ years are all grayed together in my mind, and we are over it, and and and.

Let's just skip to the good part and miss all of that, yeah?

I am happy to say that I am going to infuse my life, my business, my products, my website - with a big colorful update!  Although I love the peace and calm of neutrals, I feel that a big energizing shot of color is needed for 2022, and I am going for it.

I am ALSO happy to announce that new products are coming to Pretty Clever Words as well!  So.many.exclamation points.  !!!

So first - let me explain a little..PCW is fortunate to have a solid, funny, fierce group of followers and customers, and when I post new reels, and show up to events, and put my words out there - you always respond, and I am beyond grateful for that.  Clearly, you keep the PCW engine running.

And I've heard from some of you, that - even though you appreciate change and my efforts to evolve my art - you miss the many many hoops and products with funny, clever words on them.

Guess what? They're not going away.  You will always have the opportunity to find the funny and the sarcastic with me, on hoops and zip bags and kitchen towels.

And now? Now you can find them on candles, and coming soon...well, more stuff! You'll have to stay tuned to this space and the new product spaces. If you have a request for a product with my words on it - let me know!

Yep, we are expanding our product line to include some things that you can use again and again....and still enjoy the funny and sarcastic.

What about shirts, you might ask?  Well, honestly, it really has been a tough year with supply chain management, and getting blank shirts in a timely manner is becoming difficult.  However - I will still do custom shirts for all of you, and again, if you have any requests, you only have to ask.

You can find all of the custom Pretty Clever listings right here, and if you don't see a favorite listed, please message me at lulu@prettycleverwords.com.

Finally - to enable a better shopping experience all the way around, I've had to streamline the website.  This means cutting out old items..and  I will not post every version of every quote or funny that I've ever done - nobody's got that kind of time to scroll through the site! - but I will keep many of the bestsellers available.

Again, and as always - if you have any requests, simply message me!

thanks much, lulu




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