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i love a good collection, and photos of collections... Especially a group of items with vintage design work and illustration and fonts and colors.  Oh and tin! I really love old tins... and pins.  I have pins from hobby shows in 1954, and pins from Philco Week and Lake Elmo Polka Days for a lot of pins from winter carnivals in Minnesota during the '70's.
I also have typewriter ribbon tins, a button box that was my grandmother's full of old metal and bone buttons and tin toys.  Plus a doll collection that includes Madame Alexander dolls from the 1950's and Effanbee dolls from several different decades..
I used to have a shoe collection too...but times change and I mostly just have workout shoes now. (BTW - transformation challenge is going well - turns out i am remembering how much I like to work out..or maybe I am getting ready to kick butt...either way.)
Tins and pins and illustration and fonts and colors and designs...
I have gathered and discovered everything seen here, and keeping it all in this tin sewing box gifted to me by my daughter especially makes me happy. :)
It's not hoarding if you keep it all together in one neat pile!
Clearly, collections make me happy...so when I decided to rework my Pretty Clever products into new collections... well.  You can imagine the joy!
The thing is, I don't sell vintage items.  All of my products are handmade and new..so I hope that my new collections will bring YOU joy and entice you into purchasing all of the pieces within each group - the same joy that collecting brings me. 
The first collection for 2020 combines elements of old and new. I am still selling tote bags - but I am really interested in saving the planet and doing my bit, however large or small, to reuse and reduce waste and the use of plastic.
I am very pleased to say that I have transitioned to a new partner - ECO Bags - for my totes!
Made of recycled cotton in a Certified B corporation - fair labor and fair wage guaranteed - each tote is made of sturdy canvas and hand-printed, either by silkscreening or heat transfer processes. 
There are three styles for your use, ranging from super lightweight and foldable, to a heavy duty carry-all with an inside pocket!
I've also started creating crafty produce bags, as well - for all those times we shop at Aldi's and don't want to pay for their plastic bag. 
so if you need to display a certain message....carry some groceries (mostly wine) or save the planet....we've got you covered with our collection..!

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