march hoop madness

while most of the northern part of the US is getting hammered by a snowstorm, we are feeling a spring in our respective steps here in NC, with record-breaking high temperatures...which makes me think about spring colors.

as a gentle reminder, and if you are new here - words are my thing. they're my brand, my mantra, my guideposts.  especially funny, humorous or passionate - as in, passionate about human rights.

I do have a lot of quotes and funny bits on most of my works, but sometimes - just one or three words will do, and I am really happy with these new hoop art pieces and the direction in which they seem to be taking themselves.

not really - that's me. I'm taking them places.

and usually, I am so intent on commercializing my art that I get too anxious to really have fun, which is not the case with these pieces.  each hoop art piece is made with canvas fabric, hand stitched embroidery, and watercolors.  that's it.

so much fun.      

these gems are my version of March Madness...get it?  I use hoops? March Madness is NCAA basketball?  like...hoops...?

geez, I crack myself up. 

also, I need to quit this ellipsis habit...maybe next blog post.

anyway - please stick around the socials and sign up for my newsletter to see all the good fresh pretty things with clever words that will debut in March on my website, and at my first 2023 event!

see you soon -


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