Looking to get lit this summer?

I meant with our candles, of course. But if you WERE to have some adult bevvies by the pool - we'd all be ok with that, right?
And look...it's a really weird, tough time right now. Prices are high and there are both happy and sad events happening...but we still need to find products to soothe our own souls, as well as gift our friends and families.

I hope that laughing at our towels, and taking an appreciative sniff of our candles and soap, and gifting a hand painted art piece or wordy zip bag - I'm hoping that it will all help you get through the summer!

Also - please note that the peeps who read ALLL the way through this post and take a look at the pictures and items, will see a big discount code at the bottom of the message - that should bring a smile to your face too!

Like so very many of you, I am taking more time to be with family this summer, and that means less in-person events. Please remember that you can always shop here with me from the air-conditioned comfort of your home or even poolside!  

I create a lot of custom pieces as well! I am still making shirts and pennants, along with custom-made zip bags, towels and hoops! Find your words with me..

Finally..I know that my posts and newsletters are usually full of products and not a lot of news. They've even been called salesy.  Too salesy. :) 

So here's the newsie part then... I AM salesy here.  I admit it - I WANT to sell some of my stuff, lovingly created by me, to you, for you and your friends and family and peeps.

I support a lot of causes on the reg, including the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina CENC, my niece's group home Misericordia Heart of Mercy, and the Alzheimer's Association in honor of so many family members and friends.  I like being able to contribute when you all come to me with causes as well.
So yeah - between trying to keep my household sane and not hoard the things I love to create, and donating to a bunch of worthy places - I am pretty salesy on these emails - you can always count on that!
Can we skip to the good part now? Sure! To help you all out with some gifting for you or someone else...
for the rest of June, use code SALESY at checkout for 20% off the entire prettycleverwords.com website!

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