ahhh..August in NC.. a hurricane, a tornado and an earthquake - during a global pandemic..

sooo hey...haven't blogged in a while. Five - no, SIX months ago, i optimistically posted about new products, my workout routine and the bright future of the year 2020. I was making and pricing and tagging and selling and doing live events and getting fit - as were you all, right? We were buzzing right along...

Yeah. about that....the world has turned upside down, and obviously, someone still needs to roll a five or an 8 in Jumanji to let us out of this jungle...

I probably don't need to list everything that's gone on this year...even if we've ALREADY HAD A HURRICANE, TORNADO AND EARTHQUAKE in NC in AUGUST..and it's only the 9th day in the sixth month of a global pandemic..


However - we did pivot, we threw out the planner, started making masks to donate and to sell, cancelled out of events, started quaranting and isolating and binge-watching and invested time on the website - and you all responded with orders and messages and support.  Again, thank you to everyone who connected with us during this time!

Fingers crossed that we can only improve from here...(but i'm whispering that because saying it is like a major challenge to karma..see above re: earthquake. In NC.)

So - today, I'm going to just highlight new products at the website, and talk about a super shirt sample sale. Sound good? Cool.


Yes, we are still making masks, as we all need to keep wearing them. Forever.  I am especially happy to have added brightly colored batiks as well as so many fun Halloween fabrics - what better time to wear a mask?


..like these comfy hoodie tee shirts - probably the best thing to happen to working at home since..working at home..


 speaking of shirts...we are also having a HUGENORMOUS SHIRT SAMPLE SALE! 

Waaay back in February, I'd planned my event schedule and created many many sample shirts to display at said events. All of those cancelled events..!.. so I've cleaned out the closet, photographed and listed and reduced the price on over 80 shirts that are ready to ship / available for local pickup immediately!  And if you've subscribed to my newsletter, you'll get a special code for even more savings on these sale items! New peeps, when you go to the website and sign up for the newsletter, you automatically get a 15% discount which can also be used on the sale shirts.

I guess that's it for now.

I do have eleventy million more blog post ideas to share...maybe i'll even get them out there sometime this year - stay tuned to this spot, peeps..



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