passionate about the power of words

Passionate about the power of words. 

This is my theme, my mantra, the opening line to my elevator pitch, the first sentence of every event application.

Whether funny or punny, inspirational, motivational or just a little sarcastic - I'm deep into the power of words.

And words matter! The power of words to cut or to compliment, to support or to stab - it's real.

My first love (besides family and friends) my very first, eye-opening, heart-pounding, tears-inspiring love, is reading.  I remember the moment when the words on the page made sense for the first time, creating a picture in my mind. Those squiggles literally came into focus, like the very best slow motion video, complete with dramatic music.  

you are so much more than what they see painted fabric

Ok. Maybe not the music. I'm really tone deaf and can't carry a note with a co-signer.

But ohhh...the words. And words actually do paint pictures in my head, especially when the author combines beautiful, descriptive text with sharp dialogue - it is sublime, a pure kind of joy that washes over me.

And snappy dialogue! The sort that always makes me wish that I possessed a quicker wit, and the ability to have the perfect words at just the right moment. 


I do ok... I mean - I'm always telling my husband that I'm hilarious, and bless him, he laughs every time. Looong years of reinforcement helps with that. 
The joy that I feel when an author hits the trifecta of description, action and dialogue, is what drives me to combine words and art and create pretty things with clever words.  
I want you all to have some big feelings when something that I've created resonates with you as well. 
I hope that you laugh, or feel inspired, or as if I've read your mind (but not in a creepy way :)). 


Pushing myself on the art part has been the biggest, best part of this pretty clever journey - all of that  interaction between the colors, the squiggles and the words.


Also figuring out photos. THAT'S fun. Mostly.


But always - ALWAYS - passionate about the words.


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  • Margaret Dillon

    If you had a quicker wit- you would be leaving a trail of fire everywhere you went!

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