March into Spring

So there's an Instagram challenge started by Joanne Hawker, called March Meet the Maker, and I've been (sort of) participating.  This photo is one of several that I took to get something 'good' to post. :)
The challenge is all about using different prompts and hashtags to reintroduce ourselves, our work, our brands and our stuff to new and familiar customers and is what I said for my intro:
My maker name is Lulu and I am the owner of Pretty Clever Words, an online store for pretty things with clever words.
While sarcasm is mostly how I hug - especially in the pandemic age! - I am passionate about the power of words, whether big, small, inspirational or punny.
I love bringing words and fonts and cleverness out on home decor  clothes, and personal accessories.
I believe in, and value the kindness of gentle humor, the sharpness of a critical word when needed, and laughs all the way around.  Also - salt, wine and books. #obviously
cluttered workshop table with paints and art
On my workshop table are several WIP, along with a clutter of paints, inks and finished works.
I'm pushing myself to make new things, and experiment with printmaking, color and linocut...sometimes, just putting those ideas and techniques out into the bumpy airstream online, helps bring them to's hoping!
So please catch me here, online, on IG and FB...hopefully you'll find some wordy inspiration as well!
cheers - Lulu

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