it's seriously September!?

seriously. it's September right now? It feels as if the last six months have both dragged AND disappeared in a flash.. unbelieveable.

At home we are super busy with some renovation and painting and cleaning and alll the things that apparently everyone ELSE did during the past six months. 
   Here is one sneak peek - getting the entire porch powerwashed, painted, re-screened with a new door, plus new wooden stairs - oof. It's a lot. But here in NC, we use the porches well into the winter season, so I am looking forward to the finished updates.  And yep - that is a blue ceiling. It's haint blue. Not a spelling error..haint blue.  It's a Southern can look it up.


 ..speaking of turtles (which is what we say in our family when we totally want to change the subject) - I just tried really hard to work the word 'rewards' into that last paragraph, and make a giant awkward connection between home renovation and the Pretty Clever website, but could not do it. ;) My blog game is weak today...

So here's the deal - I have created a loyalty rewards program for all of my customers, called the Extra Clever Points Club.

When you pop onto my website, you'll see a teal blue circle or oval on the bottom left, with a gift bag logo.  Clicking here will take you to the Club, where you can see how to gain points - and those points translate into cash discounts. 

I know I love it when I go back to shop at a favorite site online and there's a little note that says - hey Lulu! You have $5 off today! I can you not...

It takes just a minute to sign up and confirm your account. MANY of you will see points in your account already, as I've backloaded rewards for my customers of the last two years!

You can also earn points through stuff like following me on FB and IG, making referrals and so forth - not to mention, of course - shopping with me online. You will get 5 points for every dollar spent, and as soon as you hit 250 points, you'll receive a $5 coupon to spend on any purchase! Easy peezy award squeezy..

Finally - please do NOT forget about this Sample Shirt Sale! Prices have been lowered again, and if you use the discount code SHIRTME, you can get an additional 20% discount on these shirts.  Seriously, a ridiculously good sale - and who isn't tired of their covid clothes?!


All thanks as always, for your incredible support of this small, female-owned business.  We will be here with so many new items - think tea towels and vinyl stickers! - for the upcoming holiday season! Also - an upcoming collaboration with other small business friends is taking shape...think gift guides to all of those favorite crafty peeps!

cheers, Lulu

P.S. Speaking of credit...I am loving all of the seriously swoony photos that I get from Burst! Wonderful support for this business - because let's be serious..although we all are loving the phone photos and filters? - quality photos come from a professional..

Photo of woman with poster and the treat yoself cookie by Jose Silva 

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