I don't want to look skinny....

...I want to look like I can kick some ass.

That's it. Seriously. Well, that, and..? I want to be able to stand on one foot to pull on some undies.

This is one of my favorite exercise mantras...especially - or always! at the start of a new year. I mean, here we all are...kinda slothy, and vaguely disgruntled, and feeling a bit overstuffed and overserved and slushy and grey...well, maybe that last part is the weather. 

Face it - we are tired of winter but not even close to being summer- heck, spring clothes-ready.. we are trying to exercise and eat right and stay with all of those body-conscious goals that we had, waaaay back at the beginning of the year. 

Remember then? (barely, because - why is January so loooong?)

Anyway, back when we were bright-eyed and eager and oh-so-focused on getting healthy and firming up a bit and going plant-based and not dietingjustchangingourlifestyle ... it was all doable.

2020 is the year! Gonna get it done, if not now then when, throw out the junk food, get rid of that last chocolate truffle and the homemade pimento cheese dip and the last three frosted cookies (stale, but still sweet!)..and stop stress eating with salty salty wonderfully salty chips..


So I just signed up for the Transformation Challenge at my local Orange Theory Fitness location.  I've been a member for almost six years, and I really like it! They miss me so much when I'm not there - which, according to the BMI testing I just did, was far.too.often in 2019....ooof.

And - I've been researching and pinning plant-based comfort food - yes, it exists - so there's that.

But this year, instead of worrying about being skinny, or the numbers on the scale - I've decided that I really just want to be able to kick some ass in about 8-12 weeks... and I am going to be putting the words out there!

Although I'm crazy good with the verbal ass-kicking shenanigans (ask around!), I want to feel that I can - or could - take care of myself physically.  There are some people that I want to take down, even if it's only in my dreams...but that's another blog post.

At least - let's stand tall and keep putting on the underoos, one leg at a time..without falling over and having to kick my own ass.

If you need any wordy inspiration, you know where to find me.  You can even customize your own shirts!  And follow the transformation journey here or over on IG..

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