Holiday Pockets

books and hoop art
So many changes in the past two many. everything has changed.
Yet, I truly am more me than I have ever been.
You too?
I mean....we had a lot of time to change, to grow and to maybe...evolve.
My business model changed, my products are different and I feel freer to express my words.  I think I am also more appreciative of my life and of alll the moments.
My maker friends have been more important than ever, and I was grateful to have family with me - safely! on the holidays.
I miss my mom more than ever.  She's been gone for a while now, but I find myself wondering what she would say about these days!
She proudly taught junior high students for close to 40 years, and was still tutoring when she passed.
My love of words and books and cleverness comes from her, and I wish she could see my reinvention.
In 2020, I also developed an interest in..some would say obsession with.. pockets.
Pockets! Maybe that's where I like to hide bits of myself still..but yes. Pockets.
I really wish that I had a grandparent or parent still alive to gift them with a pocket hoop or zip bag stuffed full of notes and pictures...hopefully you still have some relatives that could use a physical reminder like this...that we have hope of a newer, safe, kinder normal.
As always, peeps - thank you for all of the support.  Could not have done this without you all! And wine.  Wine helped, let's be honest.
PS. - If you need some info on discounts and deals, you can always find it here!

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