Pocket Lulu Kickoff

It’s April 1, 2021 and this is no joke - it’s my kickoff POCKET post.
yes, i said POCKET.
Pocket. pock-et. /ˈpäkət/
pocket pocket pocket.
It’s a noun, a (transitive) verb and an adjective!
It’s a purse, a pouch, a small bag... a receptacle, a carrier, a piece of cloth.
purse with money
It can mean money, a small isolated piece of land, a condition of the atmosphere and the concave area in a baseball glove to catch the ball.
baseball glove with baseball
You can be in pocket, out of pocket, or in someone else’s pocket. 
It can mean to drive, to hem in...to put up with, accept and appropriate or steal..also cover, supply, set aside or refuse assent to a bill.
puppy dog
Who doesn’t love a teeny pet, a little guide, a miniature park?  
Words carry meaning, pockets carry stuff, we carry our emotions and I am about to embark on a project about ALL of it!
Pocketspocketspockets…Pocket Lulu is a multilayered, interactive approach with words and rants and art - I do love a theme.
I’ll be writing posts, discussing the various meanings behind pockets, while ranting a bit about pocket gender inequality, brand pocketability and more. There will be words about the metaphorical carrying of ephemeral things - the pockets in our brains where we carry memories and emotions.
We will chat about music - do you KNOW how many great songs have pockets and grooves and quotes!?
Words matter, peeps.
And I want to match these ramblings with visual representations of pockets. 
I'm creating an entire line of pocket art and products. Art with pockets, on pockets, about pockets, containing pockets.
I might even make pockets FOR pockets.
There’s a charity in my local Raleigh area called Note in the Pocket, doing great things to provide clothes with dignity and love for children in need - and they have a fundraising run called...wait for it… The Annual Socks and Undie 5k Rundie! 
Who can resist a rundie?!  Not me - I’m signed up for the virtual event so I can rundie around in my house in my socks and undies!
Not really. 
But I am registered and I will get out there during the weekend of April 24 and get my rundie in!
Come along for my pocket rundie - I promise it will be fun, a little odd, and maybe enlightening. 

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