Cotton Face Masks

For your light protection...for your family and friends... for your stay at home adventures, and especially - when we are out and about again!

These masks have been constructed under clean environments by makers without symptoms of COVID19. Please use the following instructions to sanitize the masks before use:

  • To clean and disinfect masks, gently wash the mask in warm soapy water, using dishwashing liquid. Rinse in clean water and let air dry.

Best Practices:

These are not medical grade masks. A fabric mask will not protect you from breathing in tiny particles of virus. You may not know if you are a carrier of the Coronavirus. It is possible to carry the virus and not be sick. If you are sick and don’t know it, you might infect other people. The act of wearing a mask is to send the message to others that you care enough about them to protect them from your breath, cough or sneeze. Hopefully it will send a signal to them that they should wear a mask too.

If you are wearing a mask to protect them, and they are wearing a mask to protect you, then everyone is protected! 

** Make sure the mask fits as snug as possible on your face. Gaps between your face and your mask will let in air and droplets. If necessary, tighten the lower ties to make sure your chin and cheeks are covered.

The purpose of wearing a face mask is

1) to protect yourself from the large droplets when other people cough or sneeze.

2) to protect others from your own breathing, coughing or sneezing.

3) to remind you not to touch your face, especially when out in public.

** Please wash your mask before wearing.

** Store in a plastic bag

** Touch the mask as little as possible when putting it on.

** When wearing the mask in a public space be sure to take it off when you get in the car, put in a bag and wash as soon as you can when you get home.

Be Safe, be Well!

PS - FOR HOPEFULLY OBVIOUS REASONS... these are non-returnable! 

***Please read each of the listing details for colors - the pictures shown are for purposes of sizing only!  Your mask will be made of the colors and patterns shown in each listing. If you have questions, please let me know.