....pretty clever workshop reorganization finish!

...so. when last i posted, this is what we faced in the workshop reorganization...a mess of products, miscellaneous storage and stuff..so much stuff... 

before i started this project, i made a list of 'must-haves' for this reorganization / cleanup:

  • More - MUCH more working space that isn't cluttered by supplies / tools
  • Move out / repurpose  anything taking up valuable working space (craft magazines, supplies, decor)
  • Storage containers to hold tools and supplies out of tripping distance, yet keep it in sight and completely accessible
  • A shipping station, holding all bags, tissue, labels, etc, in one place that was easily accessible
  • Keep costs low
  • Provide manufacturing 'stations' for better production

after many stops on pinterest and getting lost in a pinning / searching coma, i realized yet again, that, while there are a LOT of pretty pictures and affiliate links and storage items to buy there, i was still basically on my own to make it work for me and for my business. 

many bloggers and reorganization specialists do have beautiful shots on pinterest of their spotless craft rooms, full of matching storage products. their businesses entail having that perfection on full view and it is really fun to cruise all of the pretty pins and save them for inspiration.


As a crafter with both an online business and an active craft event schedule...January is already a pricey month, what with doing inventory for taxes, applying for craft events and purchasing new supplies after a busy holiday season... during a time that is traditionally low in sales already. 

i looked at the usual suspects and their products - the Container Store, Bed/Bath and Beyond, Ikea, Lowe's and others...

and i kept cleaning, and taking some things off the wall to make space.

finally - FINALLY - i went to Target and found almost everything i needed, along with repurposing some other items unearthed from the piles..


At Target, I found the wooden desk organizer and galvanized metal tray, the plaid file folders (all Hearth and Hand with Magnolia) (yes, i went there), and the write-on calendar, the wire sliding baskets, the hanging file folder and the cafe curtain rod for holding the tissue paper.



Mr. Pretty Clever picked up the pegboard for me at Home Depot, and i had most of the pegboard accessories in my craft event setup stash.


..finally, i picked up some additional items at TJ Maxx, the heavy wire wall holder, and the desktop wire file holders (seen in the photo above by the desk chair.)



that's it!   and you know...i know that these photos are probably not professional blog- or pinterest-worthy, and that i cobbled a bunch of unmatched stuff together, and that my workshop will never win any decorating awards..however.  

it didn't cost a lot of money, and most importantly, completely works for me!

Using the wall space for files, notes and the pegboard / tools is already paying off, and look at how much working space i have on that big ole country table! The shipping station has taken a lot of stress out of that task, and having vinyl and other supplies in the wire baskets is making my reordering much more efficient.

if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading and checking out my photos! as a reward, take an additional 10% off your entire order until April 1, 2018, by using 'clean10' at checkout!

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  • Tara Lipinski and Johhny Weir

    This redo is FABULOUS!

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