finally...the pretty clever workshop is reorganized...part 1

..after three solid weeks of work, the pretty clever workshop has been cleaned and reorganized, all products and pieces and parts have been catalogued and inventoried and the new website is nearly done!

my goal for 2018 is to have more working space...much MUCH more working space. During my crazy busy Q4 / 2017 holiday season, i was often actually working on the floor, because of the up all the workspaces..


every project, every product completed, left me with more layers of crafty detrius piled everywhere...layers of paper and glue and paint, and bits of tissue paper, heat transfer vinyl, tape, ribbon, fabric, packing supplies...and the piles got higher every day..

and i knew that i had to not just clean it up, but to figure out a better way of working, in order to go into the new year in a better place and a better space in my head...

so i cleaned out the closets and all the nooks and crannies where I'd stuffed..stuff. and i put it alll in the middle of the floor. 

i had to trip over it in order to work.

hey, it's a method.

albums and paper and books and crappity crap got added to the detrius pile.


then... i made a list of all the things that bugged me about the workshop, and my 2017 workflow, and did a little 5 minute mindmap drill in my passion planner on the methods that i want to use in the future, and set my 2018 work goals in stone, and then i threw all those notes/papers and stony goals in the air, and swirled them into the organizer blender and chopped and blended and mixed and and...took a nap.

then....i did what i should have done in the first place.  I went to Pinterest. be continued...

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