wonderful women..

...do you know any moms? all of us had or have a mom...weird, right?  it's something that every single person on earth has in common.  

a woman somehow made us grow inside of her and then pushed us out, like a watermelon through the eye of a needle.  ouch.  many people of course, have more than one mom - bio moms, surrogate moms, step moms, moms-in-law, mamas, southern mamas, auntie mamas, grand moms, and on and and on...

my mom was short, smart, scrappy, sweet and feisty.  she loved a good funeral (hey, everyone needs a hobby), and she always wanted to do good in this world.  she fostered my love of reading, was really proud of my accomplishments and wanted me to succeed.  ...miss you mom!

whether sarcastic, funny or inspirational, find the right words to honor your mom here, with canvas word art, home decor and accessories...even a custom shirt or hoop art piece.

because hey - i bet your mom kicks butt too!

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