vamily, family and friends - july shenanigans's been a crazy busy summer, and all throughout July,  i've taken so much inspiration from hanging out with family, friends and 'vamily' - my vendor friends who have turned into family - and i've traveled around through the midwest and the south, from Lake Michigan to the east coast.. beaches and cottages and ocean homes, sand and sea and sunset shenanigans...

..and while it's been great, i worried that taking personal time will hurt the Pretty Clever business...eeeeesh.  this worry is partly a holdover from the corporate days at Huge McNormous Corporation (where a subtle threatening hum ran throughout the halls) and i believe, the natural worry of the small business owner.. it always feels like as if i cannot put the work down for a moment.

..but we creativey peeps have to take inspiration and motivation from all of our moments to recharge, and family is super-important as well..

so while i continue to upload photos of the 'July-drops-the-mic-tour,' it's back to work.. I've updated the website, created new calendar items for the holiday shopping season, cleaned out the workshop and created production goals for the fall.

and after a late afternoon summer nap - i'm going to make more stuff! ;)

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