a big holiday shoutout, with heartfelt gratitude and thanks, for a record-breaking year!
at Pretty Clever Words we are so very appreciative of the support that spurred this small business to incredible growth in 2017.  
it took a great deal of physical and mental efforts, along with a small village of family, friends and fellow crafteers, to make this happen....
so...deep breath..
and..  thanks to my wonderful customers, first-timers and repeaters alike - you believe in the words and the art and obviously, you are the main reason for our success.  hopefully we can keep delighting and amazing you throughout the years to come.
my market friends - vendor colleagues first and now 'vamily' family..thank you for lifting me up every day..every darn day, through all of the highs and lows of this crafty world.
my family and long-time friends - who still shop with me, and like my stuff on FB and IG, and support me, and tolerate the many 'commercial' always, thanks for always being on my team.
the coordinators / owners / directors / support staff of the many craft events and popup markets - you guys rock! your support for local, handmade marketeers is sublime and again, we could not be successful without you.
finally...of course. my super hero - Mr. Pretty Clever.  you are my biggest cheerleader and fan, you willingly (mostly ;)) get up at the crack o' dawn to load and unload, and then do it in reverse at the end of long days, you tolerate the workshop gradually taking over the entire house and garage, and i very simply...could never do this without you.  thank you for believing in me when i said...'hey...i have this idea for my third career..' here's to many more adventures!

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  • Jo

    Merry Christmas! What a great year for you!

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