sunday working, saving the starfish and big honking summer sale

although everyone loves to sleep in, brunch and beach it on Sundays...I still love working on the store on these sunny Sundays...i think it is because, when I was in global learning / HR at the Huge McNormous corporate manufacturing company, Sunday was the only day that i had to be creative.
the rest of the week, i was running through airports, putting on my corporate face through endless meetings and then running to dinners, and the hotel and back to the airport to start all over...  still makes me a little nauseous to think of it..
So Sunday - that was the day that I planned for all week.  Monday-Friday, I drew little sketches of my items on the borders of printed agendas, and surreptitiously shopped online for supplies.  I checked my little website store to see if i'd gotten any sales or even just some likes.
Saturday was for laundry and errands and getting my personal life together.
Sunday though...Sunday was for the creative person hiding inside.  Sundays saved me, so that I could go out the rest of the week and save some starfish...
And i still love putting my creative face out there on this day..
And oh yeah...  there's a BIG HONKING SUMMER SALE COMING!! stay tuned...:)

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