some days the memories just still knock the wind out of us...

some days the memories...
...when you lose a family member, it's said that you never really get over it, you just learn to live with the pain and without them.
   a friend's sister passed away this week, another colleague's father died a few weeks husband's family is still processing the death of my brother-in-law earlier this spring, and my own family still struggles to make sense of the loss of my nephew some years ago.
  ..and holy crap - the memories can just wash over you, can't they?  i love this time of year - the fall - because hopefully it means cooler temps and less rain and humidity, with the advent of new beginnings.. and the going-back-to-school nature of the season (even in an area with year-round schools) brings back a lot of memories, even without the ubiquitous pumpkin spice! *cue the eye-rolling.
  So at this time of year, the memories of my mom - a teacher for 30+ years who, after retirement, was a substitute teacher and a tutor well into her 80's.. those reminders of her at this time of year just do knock the wind out of me at random times..
  i hope this new piece captures the essence of those memories washing over us in all the best ways.

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  • Marianne

    You captured the feeling perfectly. Smile on the good days and cry on the bad ones.

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