mixed drinks about feelings..

..don't we all have mixed drinks AND mixed feelings?  I mean...these are crazy times, right?  Politically, weather-wise, globally..it's all a big tossed salady-kind of world out there.  and every day i wake up thinking that somehow..someone in charge - at least on a much higher pay grade than i - will have figured it out.  and all the monkeys will go back to the circus or into retirement.

but no. so i have to change my attitude and my approach...this IS the circus now.  so with apologies to ms. crow...i am looking for a new mantra..

  • every day is a winding road?..no. (with apologies to Sheryl).
  • every day is a new beginning? no. too inspirationally
  • every day i have the blues? noo...well. maybe. (and apparently i am not alone - when i googled that phrase, i got over 29,000 lyrics and 100 artists.  sad is good when it comes to music.  but i digress).

i will say that no matter how i feel every day...those rusty chains on my mood swing just keep snapping!

...anyway - if you are looking for the words for your life, and you're a sarcastic McSarcasmer like me - check out all of our stuff.  lots of good stuff here  and  here with funny or simple words.  you can also send me your words in the comments...if i use your words there's probably some free stuff in it for you, to help with the daily blues.. or yeah - let me customize YOUR stuff..

OR - you could probably copy my stuff.  it WILL take you about eleventy-thousand dollars of craft and art supplies, a week or more and lots of mood swings and mixed drinks to replicate it ....just sayin...

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