Let's Get the 2018 Crafty Season Started!

...and we were off, to the first event of the crafty season for 2018!  The Pretty Clever Words team headed to Trophy on Maywood in Raleigh on Saturday - a great local brewery - for the January Pop-Up Raleigh Market.

Of course, the 'twins' were both in attendance, and Leluna Star and I were tucked in the back of the brewery, right off the loading dock.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the loading door was wide open, the snow was melting...perfect for the first opportunity to meet new customers and catch up with regulars, including a lot of vendor friends. Check us out on instagram for pre-show shenanigans..



If you couldn't be there with us today - no worries! we have a new collection titled "As seen at.." just for you!  Every market, we'll change up this collection with items that were featured at our monthly markets, to make it easier for you to check out our new and most popular products. 

We pass out a LOT of business cards at markets and events, and this is a way to link your online browsing directly to the pretty clever stuff that you browsed in our booth!

As always, thanks so much to our repeat customers, and those who found us for the first time, and always, ALWAYS so much respect and appreciation for Pop Up Raleigh!

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