Hufflepuffs, A New Website Look and the Wazoo


quite a busy time for the pretty clever worker bees over the past week... we continue to watch the Olympics while creating and painting and sewing - and yes - i have a viewing command center set up in the pretty clever workshop so that i don't miss anything.

also..  you may have noticed that the pretty clever words website has a new look! i haven't done a major announcement yet, but have been working on it during the 'soft opening' over the past three weeks.  I'll be sending the link and the changes out on my social media spots soon, and hopefully, you all will find it visually pretty and completely efficient! i welcome any constructive feedback..

now...about the Hufflepuffs. i get that we Potterheads geek out about our houses, our emblems and our swag. badger peeps are SERIOUS about your loyalty to your magical house!  any time that i have the yellow and black stuff at an event, it sells out almost immediately!  either there are a LOT of Hufflepuffs out there, or people just really like the colors and the badger..or you are woefully underrepresented.  here is one of the best sellers that get snapped up at every show:

either way, make sure that you bookmark this collection for all of your geeky stuff! ..and badgers - contact me, find me here or shop the collection often.

 finally....finally. the wazoo. "i have paperwork up the wazoo!  so much homework up the wazoo this week!  my stress is OUT the wazoOO right now!!" get it.

i've heard that this might be a more northern / midwestern expression..but I have used it most of my life, it's funny, kind of sarcasmy, and perfect for the pretty clever store and craft events!  it's been added to the website and you can get it customized in different colors as well!

so. i am going to close out this blogpost now.

because i have orders OUT the wazoooooo... :)

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  • Naked Barbie #1

    Love all the bright colors that you are using for these signs!! And the neutrals too… So many awesome options!

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