A (maybe stress-inducing yet helpful) Holiday Gift Guide and great Flash Sale...

Hey wordy book peeps! First...read allll the way to the end of the post to get your discount... and then, answer me this...

What does your gift buying list look like this year - have you even thought about it yet?  Probably not...TGiving is later so we're all like little sloths...blinking sleepily, hanging around..waiting for something or someone to push us into starting on the list, right?

Do you have book club friends?  Wine club friends? Book and wine friends? Friends who want to read but never have time but love wine and snarky wordy stuff? Let's face it...we all have friends like that...and we are also like that!

Our hoop art and totes are so good for gifting these peeps (and yourself)! Fun and useful and punny...here are some examples:



So for the next 27 hours - yes, weirdly specific - there is a FLASH SALE on these items! Mix and match...buy one tote or hoop and get a second hoop or tote at 50% off! AND - you can take advantage of this offer TWICE within your order!


Buy one item, get a second item for 50% off. Two uses per order. One use per customer. Use code READERBOGO at checkout to get the discount! Offer good only until NOVEMBER 20 AT 8 PM EST.

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