have a pretty clever and happy new year!

..so i don't know about you, but i am plenty happy for the new year right now.  plenty happy to get 2018 behind me!

don't get me wrong, i am always grateful for my life and the fact that - even when it is a horrible year - it is far better than what many people are experiencing..

but still. there were many ups and sometimes many more downs this year for my family, and i am looking forward to an upswing in 2019 for all of them.

i do have goals for the new year though!  lots of resolutions and 'things to do better' and 'books to read' and 'expense receipts to enter' and 'an entire house to declutter for the love of all that's holy there's a lot of crap to get rid of...'   ;)

sorry. i digress.  but one of the things to do better is to have some more pretty clever musings here, to inspire and to enjoy... it's not always about the stuff for sale, sometimes - oftentimes - i just want to put out some words to ponder.

so to kick things off...i do just want to remind everyone that - even while i urge everyone to contribute to causes close and dear - you do not need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.


take care of your clever selves, peeps! see you on the other side of the acorn drop!


xo lulu

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