..for all of my darlings in September..

... so i've been on a quest to clean up my website.  a quest that - like the Crusades back in the day, i imagine - has had numerous fits and starts and stops in 2018. 

backstory: if you have followed me at all here on the blog, on FB or Instagram, you will have noticed that 2018 has been full of ups and downs for my family and friends, and I have been trying to throw my full support behind them all.  I am happy to do so and love being with them.. but the result for the business is that I haven't been as involved with craft events as before...and sometimes I wonder if my pretty clever customers remember that I do have a website! ;)

I love my website! Shopify has been great for me, and i really appreciate the ability to create my own little space in this corner of the innerwebs.....however. 

Sometimes - ok, every month.. ummm. maybe every week and day, i need to pay attention to it, and that's been a bit tough this year, especially as i am the chief (ahem..only) maker, creative person, CEO, CFO and all-around employee of this hootenanny.

I mean - I do have Mr. Pretty Clever and he does take care of so much in his role as VP of Logistics, Maintenance, Procurement, Roadie and Asst. Stage Manager. 

I also have a Chief Counsel and a VP of Other Important Things and an incredible business partner who is mentor/friend/bouncer-offer of all ideas/ and so much more...but she's cooking a new baby and kind of busy herself!

But the making and creative part is all me, and it's been tough to give the website, the care and feeding that it should have, that it needs to have, to be successful.

So annny waaaay... i digress.

Back to trying to clean up the website, and I see a fair amount of products that have been hanging around that really need..to go.  just go. please goooo...they haven't sold as much, too difficult to make, not profitable - whatever.  need.to.go.

But! but - do you know how hard it is to get rid of products?? these are items into which you've put your time and love and care and sweat.. 

Luckily, my incredibly talented and honest author friend gave me a writing tip that i've turned into my website clean-up mantra...sometimes, you have to get rid of your darlings to move the story forward.  (full disclosure: she said to kill off your darlings, but she writes thrilling fictional stories and has characters to actually dispose of in satisfactory ways.. so she's got that going for her.)

The point of this long post - and i do have a point, it makes it so much more interesting! - is that I have to delete a lot of old darling products and clean up the website to make it easier for shopping, especially as we head into the holiday season.

And with this potential hurricane bearing down on us, I have a feeling that we will all be hanging out on the innerwebs instead of going to craft events this week anyway!!

be safe everyone! see you here.  or here. or even here!

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  • Margaret Dillon

    Your web site looks awesome-and you are so clever! I wish you could be my sister!!!

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