PopUp Market Booth Displays

busy weekend for the Pretty Clever crew!  which of course...consists of my VP of Production - Mr. Pretty Clever - and I, but a crew sounds, you know - impressive.
so, two shows this past weekend, and i continue to define and refine my local 'points of sale' booth display. 
the first, on Saturday, was held at the Sola Coffee Cafe, this great cafe about 20 minutes from our home. i opted to leave the tent at home...a decision that i questioned as a misty, humid rain fell during setup!..and went with a very simple table / display board setup. this turned out to be the right choice for the location.
it was super effective and allowed for a lot of traffic and easy customer flow.
Craft Show Booth Display Sola Coffee PopUP
the second show was the DTC Food and Flea, and this setup should be recognizable - yes, it is the same as last month. also a good decision, as the weather was hot and humid. leaving the curtains off and hanging most of the product allowed for the breeze to blow through, and customers lingered a bit longer to read the hoop quotes.
craft booth display
what do you think - what type of booth makes you linger at your local craft show :)
also, if you see any pretty clever items that pop up for you (geez i crack myself up), you can always find them at pretty clever words

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