make your stitch fix boxes work for you!

i am jumpstarting my week with a post about my fourth and most successful stitch fix* box yet, along with some tips for making your fixes work better for you!

i have been receiving boxes for about five months now, and the first three boxes were somewhat, sort of...hit or miss. i liked some items, kept some items that i didn't love because of the discount, but overall, felt that the program wasn't quite doing it for me.  so before i gave it up altogether - because hey, who doesn't love a personal stylist :) -  i decided to see if i could make some changes and get better results.

when i received my box last week, it was a success! here's what was in the box:


it all fits to my body type, most of them will mix and match well with each other and some other items that i already have and best of all - they are super flattering.  the pants and the skirts are especially great, and i know that i will wear them quite a bit. 

maybe these simple tips will help you with your stitch fixes as well!

1. complete the entire style profile

look at every picture, answer every question thoughtfully, and be very honest about you, your body type and your lifestyle.  when i first completed the profile, i clicked through it rather quickly, and only left a very brief message at the end, with little specifics.  i feel that this hampered my early stylists, and it made them have to guess a bit more than needed, to figure out what would work for me.

prior to box #4, i went back over my profile and worked through what i really loved, liked or didn't like.  i also decided to cut out accessories for this box (you can change your profile to reflect this choice) to receive 5 pieces of clothing, which gave me one more choice than in previous boxes. i am liking the accessories i've received in th past - i was simply looking for more clothes this time.

2. schedule your box to arrive at the optimal time for you

you get three days to decide before having to check out and pay, or send any/all items back. i try to schedule my fix to arrive on a Friday, so that i have the weekend to think about the clothes, try them on, and see how they fit into my closet with any other stitch fixes and my 'install base' wardrobe.

figure out which three days of the week work for you, so that you can make a thoughtful decision for 'keep / no keep!'

3. create a pinterest board

here's my pinterest board, called Stitch Fix Looks. you can see that i like Living in Yellow! her hair color and style, and her body type are very similar to mine, and as she has been with stitch fix longer, i was able to pin lot of her looks for my stylist. i will start posting pictures of me in my choices in future posts as well!

going out and looking for items - whether they are from stitch fix or not - helped me to clarify my style and as a result, gave the stylist a better idea of what I like.

creating your own board, is like giving your stylist a fresh new collection of images for your style every day! 

4. be specific

there are several free text boxes on the style profile, and also when you check out and pay - make full use of these opportunities to give the stylists more info on you - what you like and don't like, your hair color, size, favorite colors, lifestyle, etc.  in addition, whether you like the clothes or not, when you check out, be very detailed about your issues and likes.  i think this last tip is what made the difference for me this month.

so there you are - 4 simple tips to make sure your fixes are working for you!

check it out and let me know what you like -  think these tips will work for you?

*(for the uninitiated, Stitch Fix is an online personal shopper / stylist company, where customers complete a personal style profile, set some financial parameters, and are then sent a box or fix, of clothes/accessories. see the link for more info.)

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