2018 goals, the Olympics and tough women

...so how are you doing on your 2018 fitness goals?

i am ok...i mean, i have been working out at Orange Theory Fitness for three years so, it's not like i just started to get fit...

but let's just say that perhaps the holiday crazy, the lovely vacation drinks and food and now, an irritating piriformis injury...have all combined to make me feel..well. unfit. and not so young. and maybe..i need some inspiration for my year of healthy. 

Everyone can use some motivation, and sometimes, a new shirt will put you in the right mood to sweat some sarcasm.  I mean, if you're going to point at me and laugh while i'm attempting to nail those burpees, it had better be due to the humor on my exercise togs!

These cool customers have found some words and inspiration with pretty clever tanks and shirts - maybe it will work for you!



as for me...enter the Olympics - which i love, no matter where or when or what! - just in time to motivate me towards some accomplishments and goad me back into the gym.

of course i have also just recertified as an amateur judge and expert for pretty much every Olympic event, so yeah...i'm busy, ok?

ANYway...perhaps you have fitness goals and could also use some motivation?  This shirt is one of my best sellers...lots of peeps out there kicking some ass, apparently.

find your words here and get back to it!

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  • Rita Assalone

    Hello dear friend. I love your messages! Love to catch up! You are an inspiration!!
    Warm regards, Rita

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