Extra Credit Club Rewards Program

pretty clever words rewards program
We have a loyalty rewards program for all of our customers, called the Extra Clever Points Club!
When you pop onto the website, you'll see a teal blue circle on the bottom right, with a gift bag logo.  Clicking on this logo will take you to the Club, where you can see how to gain points - and those points translate into
cash discounts. 

I know I love it when I go back to shop at a favorite site online and there's a little note that says - hey Lulu! You have $5 off today! I mean..how can you not...

It takes just a minute to sign up and confirm your account. MANY of you will see points in your account already, as I've backloaded rewards for my customers of the last two years!

You can also earn points through stuff like following me on FB and IG, making referrals and so forth - not to mention, of course - shopping with me online. You will get 5 points for every dollar spent, and as soon as you hit 250 points, you'll receive a $5 coupon to spend on any purchase! Easy peezy award squeezy..