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SELECTED if i had a star burlap art
SELECTED if i had a star burlap art
SELECTED if i had a star burlap art

if i had a star burlap art


$ 12.50  $ 7.50


..if i had a star for every time you make me smile...i would hold the night sky in my hand..

the fabric parts for this guy have been saved from the burlap scrap bin and the flannel pile, and with a little sewing, some stuffing and a laundry tag quote, he blossomed into a scruffy - yet winter-worthy - addition to your home decor.

pointing the way to the skies, he is purposely uneven and distressed with ragged burlap edges. he measures 15 inches from tip to tip at his widest point, and weighs in at a very light 3 oz.

these fresh little companions to your home decor can be hung by clothespin as shown here, tucked into a bowl, or perched on your mantel all year round!

save a starfish, save the world! 

REITRED ITEM! when these burlap stars are gone...that's it!

if i had a star burlap art