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SELECTED be brave repurposed book
SELECTED be brave repurposed book
SELECTED be brave repurposed book
SELECTED be brave repurposed book

Be Brave Book Art


$ 6.00


repurposed books make beautiful decor! this is a very simple piece that can have big impact when stacked or grouped with additional books to create a line of one-word statements.

on your library shelves, in a bedroom or living room, tucked into small is a winner.

crafted from a book, a mix of glue and water, painted and distressed with chalk paint and wax and stencils, this item is a great example of imperfect beauty! it is 8 inches by 5.25 inches, and .75 inch thick, painted with paris grey paint and stamped with a charcoal ink.  the chalk paint is finished off with a very light wax, to give it a velvety texture and look.

and yes... you can make these yourself! that is why i am offering FREE SHIPPING in the US.

because....well. what a deal! by the time you get the supplies and the book and then glue and paste and paint and distress and stamp and wax...whew. easier to just buy it here, right!

my librarian and teacher friends love it when i create just the books, and send them off for stamping by students with self expressions - it's a great project! 

contact me for similar projects!

Be Brave Book Art