Website, Workshop, Cleaning and all other Pretty Clever Updates

Hey Pretty Clever Peeps...

Thank you so much for your continued support of my store, especially during a very unique and challenging time. For everyone who has reached out, become a customer, checked in and even purchased a pretty clever item this year - you are so appreciated! If you are staying safe, and following established guidelines to keep our front-line friends, colleagues and family members safe as well - thank you AGAIN!

I take my multiple roles as owner, creator, and shipping pro very seriously. When you choose to shop online with me, I will always honor that interaction, now more than ever.

So I set up this page to give you consistent updates on our path forward.  Although much of it will be loaded with our COVID-19 updates for the foreseeable future, I envision using this space for other topics, such weather-related delays, shipping updates and new, exciting options like local pickup!

SAFETY: At Pretty Clever Words, the workshop, sewing room and shipping areas are all contained in private rooms, with no access to outsiders. While I have always maintained clean surfaces, sorted the clean containers, vacuumed and swept floors, and organized all materials in the past - I've now become hyper-vigilant about taking strong preventative measures to keep these areas germ-free.

  • All hard surfaces are disinfected.
  • Any deliveries of materials are cleaned and wiped down prior to coming in the workshop. 
  • Fabrics used for any products are pre-washed and ironed, while wood and canvas surfaces are wiped with rubbing alcohol prior to use. 
  • Hand-washing is an hourly constant...our fingers are wrinkly and not just from age..;)
  • All products are shipped in new, clean containers and poly bags


SHIPPING:  Your item will ship after it is completed - please see individual product pages for turnaround times.  "Turnaround time" is the amount of time it takes to craft and pack and ready your item for shipping, and does not include the shipping time.

Please know that I make every effort to package and ship your item carefully, and use the best shipping methods available to me, based on your preferences and payments.  I also try to track everyone's order to ensure that it arrives in a timely manner.  

Once it has left my hands and I've sent you the tracking info, I have no control over your item! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Just wanted you to know that it is safe to shop with me, and I appreciate every purchase, note, review and interaction more than you know!

Be safe- Laura