crafty power makes girls run faster

Posted by Laura Kasperlik on

so i met with my wednesday networking group today and i have to say - i love these women! they are supportive and funny and driven and very professional, while also being personable.  it is great to work and connect within a circle that is safe - we practice our sales pitches and our 30 second introductions, discuss referral points and and talk about our events in a way that might not be possible in a more competitive setting.
say - a corporate setting.
because i worked in that world for 17 years, and it was not really conducive to developing the type of supportive female friendships and relationships that are so important to me in this crafty world.
girls run faster oval hoop art
i was thinking of them when i created this hoop art. it speaks to overcoming subtle insults with just one flip of the phrase. not always easy to do - but becoming a bit more simple by the day, with my women's networking group.
enjoy your crafty, running, corporate, artsy power, people!

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